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"To Read Political Programs. To Assist The Voting Women", T. Kulbachka and N.Shyshlova. This brochure was published with support of the International Renaissance Foundation, 2002

You are a woman and yet you have not been interested in politics.
Have you ever thought that you can make an important contribution to your state? Or do you have a desire not to interfere and to say that "Politics is a dirty business" or "Nothing depends on me"?

You do have the right not to do anything and not to be active.
In this way you will live just as you have lived before and your life will completely depend on different chances, conditions and needs of the other people.


"How To Make A Political Program. To Assist Women Deputy Candidates", V.Bondarovska and O. Kurylenko. This brochure was published with support of the International Renaissance Foundation, 2002

Ukraine is now living through a period of women's entering political life. Gender equality movement and the movement for women joining the authorities of all levels - starting from the local to national - are getting stronger.
Now it is the time to think what has changed in the activity of the councils and in the lives of the electors since women had joined them. Have the voters noticed that women deputies are more sensitive to the social problems, to the problems of the family, to the problems of homeless children and spreading of child drug abuse? Have they contributed to safety increase in the voting district?
In what way have they contributed to humanization of the electors in the national context?



(election 2002)




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